Top 15 Hotel Companies Worldwide in 2021 Based on Number of Guestrooms

The Hotel industry is also known as the hospitality sector as the companies welcome guests with open arms and try to meet their needs and requirements with warmth and gratitude.  They provide a multitude of facilities and amenities so that the guests can be comfortable during their stay.

Some hotels have few guestrooms, whereas others might have more than enough. One fact that stands out is that good accommodation is one of the basic requirements of a hotel.  The guestrooms must be equipped with the best available features and provide a safe, hygienic, and relaxing experience.

The top 15 hotel companies worldwide in 2021 based on the number of guestrooms are mentioned below-

1. Marriott International

With 1,400,693 guestrooms, Marriott International is placed at 1st position in the list of the top 15 hotel companies worldwide in 2021. It is an American origin brand founded in the year 1927 and has spread its presence to 132 countries with time.

The company posted its revenues and total assets at 20.97 billion US dollars and 25.05 billion US dollars, respectively, for 2019. The pandemic hurt the company’s business activities as conferences, luxury travel, and business travel all came to a halt during the lockdown and continued even after. It reported a loss of 234 million US dollars for the 2nd quarter of 2020.

Marriott International is a multinational company associated with the hospitality sector. It owns, manages, and franchises numerous hotels as well as lodgings.

The company has thirty brands under its belt with 7,500 properties, out of which it owns 66, manages 2104, and franchises the rest. It was the first of its kind to offer an online reservation facility to its guests.

2. Hilton Worldwide

With 974,508 guestrooms, Hilton Worldwide is placed at 2nd position in the list of the top 15 hotel companies worldwide in 2021. The American origin brand has spread its presence to 118 countries.

Hilton Worldwide is a public company associated with the hospitality industry where it manages, owns, and franchises both resorts and hotels. It was founded in the year 1919 by its founder Conrad Hilton. By June 2020, it had 6215 properties out of which it managed 690, franchised 5,405, and owned or leased 65. Hilton has 18 brands to its name and offers its customers various accommodation options to meet their specific demands.

3. InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)

The hotel company placed at 3rd position in the list of the top 15 hotel companies worldwide in 2021 is none other than the renowned InterContinental Hotels Group (HG). It has 881,562 guestrooms to its credit.

The company posted its revenues and net income at 4.627 billion US dollars and 386 million US dollars, respectively, for 2019. As per an update by the hotel authorities, YTD and RevPAR were down 52.3% and 53.4%, respectively, in Q3 of 2020. The company has opened 11000 rooms in 82 hotels till date and will continue to do so as occupancy increases.

InterContinental Hotels Group (HG) is a relatively new entrant in the hospitality sector.  It is a public company founded in the year 2003 with headquarters based in England, UK. The British company has spread its presence to 100 countries via 5,900 hotels. It has several brands to its name that are categorized as mainstream, upscale, and luxury brands.

4. Wyndham Hotel Group

With 831,025 guestrooms, Wyndham Hotel Group is placed at 4thposition in the top 15 hotel companies worldwide in 2021. To mitigate the loss suffered during the pandemic, the hotels offer various discounts and schemes to attract customers. It has assured proper hygiene and full distancing measures if customers want to conduct weddings, anniversary celebrations, or other festivities.

Wyndham Hotel Group is considered the largest franchisor of hotels in the world.  It has 20 brands in its kitty, and 9280 hotels spread over 80+ countries. The brands are categorized into Lifestyle, Upscale, Distinctive, Midscale, Economy, and Extended stay.

5. Choice Hotels International

The 5th spot in the top 15 hotel companies worldwide in 2021 based on 597,018 guestrooms goes to Choice Hotels International.  It has 1,035 hotels under construction stage that will add 85,129 rooms to its total count.

Choice Hotels International is an American brand associated with hospitality as well as the franchising industry. It has the distinction of being the largest chain of hotels in the world. By June 2020, the brand has spread its presence to 41 countries and had franchised 7,118 properties. Its brands are categorized under Extended Stay, Midscale, Upscale, Vacation Rentals, and Economy.

6. Best Western Hotels & Resorts

With 380,165 guestrooms, Best Western Hotels & Resorts is placed at 6th position in the list of the top 15 hotel companies worldwide in 2021. The brand has spread its presence to 100+ countries all over the world.  It offers several options like Extended Stay, Upscale, and Unique Boutique.

Best Western Hotels & Resort operates as a franchisee and licenses the brand name to nearly 4,700 hotels. It was founded in the year 1946 and is owned by Best Western International Inc. The headquarters base of the hotel is at Phoenix in Arizona.

7. Hyatt Hotels Corp

With 228,351 guestrooms, Hyatt Hotels Corp is placed at 7th position in the list of the top 15 hotel companies worldwide in 2021. The one thing that is common to all its guestrooms is elevated amenities and plenty of room to have a comfortable stay. Digital key, mobile check-in, check-out, and touch-free options are steps that the company has taken to deal with the pandemic in the year 2020.

Hyatt Hotels Corp is an American company associated with the hospitality sector. It manages and franchises business and luxury vacation properties, resorts, and hotels. It has spread its presence to 60 countries with 900+ properties.

8. Radisson Hotel Group

With 184,669 guestrooms, Radisson Hotel Group is placed at 8th position in the list. Exceptional services and impeccable hospitality are the mantras of this group, which has spread its presence to more than 115+ countries.

Radisson Hotel Group is an American brand that operates and owns seven brands and has 1400 hotels operating and several under construction. This will add to its total of guestrooms in operation. Due to the pandemic, Radisson is taking extra care to offer its customers the best possible amenities.

9. Aimbridge Hospitality

With 179,821 guestrooms, Aimbridge Hospitality is placed at 9th position in the list. It operates conference centers, destination resorts, and lifestyle hotels.

Aimbridge Hospitality is a Texas-based American origin company that was launched in the year 2003. It was founded by its founder Dave Johnson with eight hotels. Currently, this hotel-management company describes itself as a third-party company that manages 1500 properties in 21 countries.

10. G6 Hospitality

With 118,356 guestrooms, G6 Hospitality is placed at 10th position in the list of the list. It provides numerous amenities to its guests like free w-fi, free morning coffee, and free local calls.

G6 Hospitality owns, manages, and franchises 1400+ properties under the brands Motel 6 and Extended Stay. It was found in the year 1985 and serves its customers in America and Canada. The brand offers services like technical expertise, training, procurement, sales program, marketing, and property management.

11. Westmont Hospitality Group

With 82,369 guestrooms, Westmont Hospitality Group is placed at 11th position in the list. Its diversified portfolio includes mid-market to budget hotels, luxury resorts, conference hotels, and boutique hotels.

Westmont Hospitality Group has the distinction of being one of the biggest companies in the hospitality management sector. It was founded in 1975 with one hotel and currently owns and manages 500 hotels in three continents.

12. Extended Stay America

With 70,000 guestrooms, Extended Stay America is placed at 12th position in the list. The company posted its revenues and total assets at 1.218 billion US dollars and 4.030 billion US dollars, respectively, for the year 2019.

Extended Stay America has operations in Canada and the United States. It was found in 1995 and has headquarters based in North Carolina, United States. The apartment-type hotel’s brand deals and by the end of 31st December 2019 owned and managed 557 properties and franchised and managed 73 properties.

13. RLH Corporation

With 61,299 guestrooms, RLH Corporation is placed at 13th position in the list. It provides the local flavor with a retro-modern twist in all its hotels to make the guests welcome and comfortable.

RLH Corporation was founded in 1937 and is associated with the hospitality industry. It has operations in Canada and the United States, where it manages, owns, and franchises economy, midscale and upscale hotels. Convenient location, affordable rates, and immaculate services are the mantras of the brand.

14. Highgate

With 41,637 guestrooms, Highgate is placed at 14th position.

Highgate is one of the leading brands that deals in hospitality management and real estate investment. It offers services at every stage of the property cycle, from planning to development. The private company was founded in 1988 and operates through headquarters in New York.

15. Apple Hospitality REIT

With 29,759 guestrooms, Apple Hospitality, REIT, is placed at 15th position in the list of the top 15 hotel companies worldwide in 2021.

Apple Hospitality, REIT is a real investment trust and upscale hotel owner in the United States of America. Its high-end portfolio includes 235 hotels in 87 markets spread over 34 states. Apple Hospitality, REIT has invested in 2 independent hotels, 3 Hyatt hotels, 126 Hilton hotels, and 104 Marriott hotels.

There can be several parameters to understand the top hotel companies in the world. When you create a list of the top 15 hotel companies worldwide in 2021 based on guestrooms, it becomes essential to know whether the hotels are also offering a satisfying experience to their customers or not.

Well, the above-mentioned hotel companies have been some of the best in their field and are providing round-the-clock service to make their customers happy and satisfied.

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