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MailToSkypeBack is an application for Skype Talking with who can not act to answer by the reasons as follows:
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January 22, 2015
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MailToSkypeBack is an application for Skype Talking with who can not act to answer by the reasons as follows:
A physical reason like aging.
An environmental reason like being busy with other work.

Once this application is installed into the terminal you want to talk to, it automatically does Skype Call back to you when it receives a specific message in Gmail from you.

Generally when you need to call a person who cannot act to answer, you can use the Auto Answer of a Skype’s settings.
This setting allows you automatically connect to a caller. Bat this operation is done silently.
This means that callee does not notice the connection. And it gives the callee an impression that being watched by others.
If you use this application, the callee notices the connection by the ring-back tone of Skype Calling.

This application also has an advantage for security.
This connection method is same as the method of Remote Access Service called “Call Back”.
This method is calling back to pre-registered person, and so it does not allows to call to others.
And the request is in Gmail, which has different path and account from that of Skype, and so account spoofing of both is nearly impossible.
Additionally, this application recognizes the request mail from strings contained in the sender and the subject.
You can preset them freely, and so others can not make a request mail without knowing its settings.
Furthermore, you can use The Contact List Only of a Skype’s setting together to strengthen the security.

[How to Use]
1.Install this application into the terminal you want to talk to.

2.You need to configure Gmail settings as follows.
(2)Allow less secure apps->Enable
(For additional security, consider enabling Google’s two-step verification.)

3.Preset the followings.
(1)GMAIL account of the teminal owner
(2)Skype call back request mail sender(your gmail address or name) and subject strings
(3)Skype callee’s account ID (your account ID)

4.You send GMAIL with subject strings of (2) to the terminal owner.

5.This application does Skype call back to the account of (3).

6.You answer Skype calling.

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