Five Big Mistakes bloggers Make…

If you’re just entering the blogging world or when you’ve been blogging for a while and discover that things aren’t going out the way you’d like It’s well worth it to take time learning about the most common mistakes bloggers make. They make errors that hinder their ability to have an enjoyable, enjoyable experience: blogging!

The top five bloggers’ mistakes that are new to them are:

Dive in (rather than wading into)

Unrealistic expectations

Losing focus


Inattention to the reader

Dive in! Many bloggers are eager to start that they jump into the water instead of dipping in slowly. It’s an error in a new swimming pool or pond, and it’s a mistake when you enter an unfamiliar arena like the blogosphere.’ Take note of these tips before you begin your blog:

Find a focal point on your blog . . . A focus that is reflective of your knowledge about, what you are interested in, and what you love writing and speaking about. There are no topics that are out of the bounds of politics, religion or sexual orientations, science fitness, comedy and diet, health issues, etc., and so on.

Spend time going through numerous blogs. Note the colors, images, and layouts to determine what you like about them. Note that some bloggers are lengthy, while others are short and concise . . . Some are simply fun and lively and don’t have a particular reason to be made . . . This is also an individual style that you are able to pick.

You require a web host to host your blog. Some are completely free, while others charge a fee per month to use their service Some are easy to use while some require more technical expertise and some offer more capabilities than others. Select carefully. Once you’ve established your blog and you have some regular readers, you might not need changing your website address (your URL).

You might or may not be able to include your full name for your blog, it is dependent on a number of aspects, not the most important that is what is your position on controversial topics and how you’d like to be recognized with your views.

Expectations that are not realistic! If you are expecting immediate results, large numbers of readers and lots of positive comments, you could be disappointed. There are thousands of blogs on the internet competing for the same readers. Tenacity and patience are crucial for you to succeed. If you’re a good writer discover a niche, come up with attractive titles for your blog posts and consistently promote your blog, your blog. The readership and feedback (some of which are compliments) will begin to pour in.

Losing focus! When you first started your blog, you had a reason to start it. you could have wanted to voice your opinions on a particular topic, or to communicate with your group of close friends on your actions. Visitors will visit your website for the first time, and may be interested in the subject matter or not. They will be either awed by what you write about or don’t If they are impressed by the subject matter and your style, they might leave a comment, and return in the future. Once you’ve identified a theme and tone for your blog, you’re free to modify it , however to do it all over again.

It is possible to have multiple blogs with each blog focusing on specific topics and can be operated under a different name.

Plagiarizing! There are some excellent bloggers around and as you look through blogs, you may find one who wrote something well, or something that resonates with you, and that you’d like to include in your blog. Don’t simply copy and paste someone’s words on your blog without crediting them and making it appear to others as if that the words belong to you. If you write ityourself, create it with your own words and make it more clearly, including personal thoughts, ideas and emotions and be kind and mention the source of the idea, and then provide an URL.

Don’t forget the reader! A few people who visit your blog may make comments. Some readers are likely to agree with your views and some will even appreciate your thoughts, but the majority will choose a point that you’ve made and then criticize the idea. Commenters leave comments on other blogs because they write their own blogs to share thoughts and share their opinions of opinions. Always respond to your reader’s comments. Thank readers for reading and making the effort to leave a comment (even those with a strong opinion) and follow up, if necessary to their post. If you don’t respond to your comments, your readers could be able to ignore your blog.