BuySell Domain Names! Is it Profitable

Buy/Sell Domain Names! Is it Profitable?

I’ve only recently come across several websites, including and forum, sites that solely concentrate on the purchase and sale of domain names. In addition “gotta say” I was awestruck to read about some of the successful stories.

As I understand it I believed that the profit generated by domain sales would end after the dotcom boom. However, from what I’ve observed and heard, it appears to be a lucrative venture. There’s more than purchasing a domain for $5.99 annually and then changing the price and selling the domain for $4000. If you find an domain name (whether self-created expired, purchased, or self-created) investing time in advertising it, directing visitors to the location it’s parked and finding a broker taking care of the tasks you have to complete to boost the value of the domain name is an extremely time-consuming business.

However, if you visit you’ll be amazed by the prices the domains are being sold for. They’re going for as high as $10,000, $5,000, and more.

It’s to me as it’s a secret art. There’s not much discussion about it on the general online marketing forums. On the internet, everywhere there are ebooks about “How to” create ebooks to make money Do JV (joint venture) deals and ebooks on traffic to websites methods for blogging affiliate marketing, RSS feeds …… on for a long time, with very little information about the business of purchasing or selling domain name. That means it’s either an industry that’s already been squandered or a lucrative one that’s not being seen by those who join the bandwagon.

Looking at the news and conducting domain searches on particular subjects shows how fast good domains are bought up. It’s true that the domain Farris Hassan dot the com (16 an old man who was in Iraq) has already been taken.

Based on my research, it appears that there are a small few who earn a lot of money from the selling and buying domain name. As I said, there’s a lot involved , but if you are looking to join one or two membership websites, you can learn some tricks to advertise and start playing and selling domain names could be an extremely profitable business.