Buy Long Domain Names? Does it make sense?

The general consensus suggests that names for domains must be brief and memorable. Of course, it’s ideal to have the right name that will benefit your business but there are times when it is difficult. Why not choose the longer name?

The notion that domain names have to be brief isn’t as true as it was. There are many successful web sites that have long domain names such as This article will help you understand how to purchase a domain name and the reasons you might want to.

Domain Names: The long and Short of Domain Names

Domain names with long domain names are a great method to use if your site is expected to bring in traffic through online advertising , such as Google’s AdWords, or natural results from search engines. On the Internet users find your website through links that already have your site’s domain name entered for them. If you have a domain name that is long, it’s already available to the user and they don’t have to keep it in mind.

Consider, for instance, that you run an Web Hosting Company and you are a specialist in providing cheap web hosting. Why not call your site It’s long , but it conveys many things to customers and what’s more important is the fact that it communicates important details to search engines regarding your website. What are you asking?

Search engines utilize the words that are in the domain’s name to be a way of determining the content of your website. about. They utilize that information to determine the best place to rank your site in the search results listing. Therefore, if you’ve got keywords like “cheap web hosting” in your domain name, search engines are going to use the information to place your site higher than a domain name that doesn’t contain the words. So by naming your site “” you have an advantage over when people search the phrase “cheap web site hosting.”

Therefore, if your business is focused on inexpensive hosting in the end, you could also consider including those words within your website’s domain, if it means the search engines will find your site better than sites with no keywords in their domain names.

Names in Domain Names within Mass Media

What is the best way to market non-internet? Do long domain names work for TV or radio? Yes, as long as they can be easily remembered. If you watch tv at all I’m sure you’ve seen ads for It’s an impressive domain name, considering that just a few years ago, you required names similar to or in order to be considered a feasible. However, as I’m writing this, the domain name was immediately in my head. It’s a decent title for a domain that is a lengthy one. In our sample scenario, I would say that a site called will be remembered by people who have an interest in saving money on hosting. The trick is to create words in the domain’s name which naturally flow. “Cheap Web Site Hosting” is a natural English. But would almost certainly be a problem in the mass media.

Do you need to opt for a longer domain the next time you are buying the domain name? It will all depend on whether you are able to find a shorter version you like and what the slight edge in search results is worth your time. At the very least, be aware of these aspects when whenever you purchase a domain. It is possible that a domain name with a long length is an appropriate choice for your company.