Are Domain Names Free Worth the cost

Are Domain Names Free Worth the cost?

Everyone loves an offer. It’s also a good idea to cut costs. However it is possible to be so low that you’ll cut your own throat.

Here are two options to register a domain at no cost and the reasons you may not have to.

1. You Need Your Own Top Level Domain (TLD) Name

Your website for business should have its own top-level website (TLD) title. This could mean a name such as It doesn’t mean a subdomain of someone else’s domain name, such as

Many people hesitate to register a legitimate domain name due to costs, ignorance or lack of clarity. In reality, the small cost charged by the registrar for your domain name could pay huge dividends.

A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or Internet address like (ignoring the HTTP part), or, just doesn’t look as professional as It could be cost-free (as it is included in your web hosting account) but it’s not going to suffice.

Think about this: If you write the URL of your business on letterheads business cards, signs etc What Internet address appears more professional?

If you use your website’s URL in your radio advertisement or to a potential customer on my phone, which is easier to remember?

Also, what happens do you do if your website host is shut down or you decide you’d like to switch to a different provider? Now, you need to notify everyone that you have now changed to It is also necessary to update all stationary, signs and advertisements to reflect the new name.

However, the domain name, can transfer from one host to another just by notifying your Domain Name Registrar about the transfer.

In order to prevent the loss of business and incurring expenses, ensure you own your own top-level domain name.

2. Do You Need to Get A Domain for Free? Level Domain?

It is possible to obtain an absolutely free top level domain through Dot TK ( (You can also purchase Dot TK domains for sale. (.tk) domains through Dot TK.) There are disadvantages using a top-level free domain.

Here are a few restrictions listed on Dot TK’s website. Dot TK website.

You can only register three domain names for free.

The free domain is in the hands of Dot TK. This means you cannot transfer it to a third party. (Of course when you purchase the domain, you own it , and you can transfer it to an owner who is a new one.)

In addition, if you do not get 25 people to your website within the ninety-day period the domain name you have registered for free registration will be cancelled.

There must be existing web pages somewhere in order that your dot tk domain is able to be forward to it.

There are likely to be additional negatives.

Evidently, Dot TK uses frames to show your site. In this situation, you could have difficulties when it comes to navigation (bookmarking or the ability to find certain websites) as well as search engine friendly.

For serious business purposes, you should consider the actual cost of domain names for free.