5 ways to increase traffic to your blog

5 ways to increase traffic to your blog

Blogs are among the most well-known way to promote your business or product. They’re easy to set up and manage, as well as simple to maintain. They are also a hit with search engines too. But what’s a blog without visitors? Nothing at all. Here are five easy methods to increase traffic to your blog so that you can begin to see those huge sales.

1. Build an inventory of blog services you could send pings to

There are numerous blog hosting services that you can contact. This means you inform the service that you’ve made changes to your blog. These services then show the new content and you’ll get the traffic they bring to your site. I’ve compiled a list of 50+ blog service providers that which you can ping on my blog. The list is also accessible when you search Google or another web search for the service. It should suffice to give an increase in traffic.

2. Add buttons for popular news readers.

What is this all about? There are websites like blogs, google, or yahoo or bloglines, for instance, that offer an members’ area in which you can choose sites that have RSS feeds that will bring you the most recent updates from various blogs. This way, you will receive the most current news from 50 blogs all on the same page. I’ve compiled an index of these well-known pages on my website, as well as the buttons that provide links to them. Users can effortlessly include my blog in their news reader member area.

3. Update your content regularly

Blogs and search engines appreciate regular updates. You are very likely to will be able to get targeted traffic from search engines when you regularly update your blog. So, you should create an update on your blog at a minimum every day. However, be cautious. Overly frequent updates could harm your search engine’s rank and hit. How many updates are excessive? More than 10.

4. Post on forums

Forums are a great place to post Be careful not to spam them. Make sure you post something interesting and fresh and include an URL to your website inside your personal signature. Don’t post on every forum. If, for instance, you’re selling CDs, you should post in forums specifically about CDs and music. Avoid posting on car forums for furniture sales. If you post on forums, you’ll receive one-way links that are great to rank in search engines such as Google, MSN, or Google.

5. Submit to search engines for blogs

There are many search engines, which provide only blogs. You can search Google for “blog search engines” and you’ll locate at least 20. Blog search engines can assist you in attracting targeted traffic. Make sure you write an appealing title and adequate description of your blog, in order that visitors can easily locate the blog and click on the hyperlink.

Follow these five steps and you’ll start receiving a lot of traffic towards your site. The long-awaited sales will begin to come in. Make sure to keep updating your blog with new blog posts that you wrote by yourself.