Web Design

5 Important Rules in Website Design

When it pertains to the website you have created, special focus should be given to every tiny particular to ensure that it functions perfectly to fulfill its mission. Here are seven principles to be aware of to ensure that your website is performing well.

1.) Don’t make use of splash pages.

Splash pages are the very first pages you view when you visit the website. They typically have a stunning image, with words such as “welcome” or “click here to enter”. They are only that — beautiful vase with no function. Do not allow your site visitors to be enticed to click your “back” button! Make sure they know the value of your site right away and not include a splash page.

2.) Don’t use too many banner ads

Even the least internet-savvy users have learned to not pay attention to banner ads which means you’ll be making use of valuable space on your website. Instead, create more useful content , and integrate relevant affiliate links into your content and let your readers feel like they want to purchase instead of being forced to purchase.

3.) Be sure to have a clear and simple navigation

It is essential to present an easy-to-understand navigation menu, so that even a child can understand how to navigate it. Avoid complex Flash menus that have multiple levels or dropdown menus. If your users don’t know the best way to navigate, they’ll quit your website.

4.) Be able to clearly indicate of the location where the user is

When your visitors are completely absorbed by your website it is important to ensure that they know what section of your site they are at the moment. This way, they’ll be capable to navigate to relevant content and navigate to any part of your site with ease. Be sure not to confuse your visitors as confusion can mean “abandon ship”!

5.) Do not use audio on your website

If your visitors are likely to be spending a lot of time on your site or reading the content on your site and browsing your content, you’ll want to ensure that they aren’t dissatisfied by the audio loops that go throughout your site. If you’re insistent on adding audio, ensure they can control it. Volume or muting control will work perfectly.