10 Tips for Correct Domain Registration

10 Tips for Correct Domain Registration

You should consider getting a domain registered before you decide to make the decision. Many people think of an appealing name or are compelled to secure their name and rush out to purchase domain names. However, there are a few things to take into consideration when selecting how you name your website. In the end, your name on the internet is a reflection of your company and image. Don’t you want to portray your image in the right way?

These 10 tips will assist you select the perfect domain name for your or your company.

1. The extension you choose to use is a declaration to users about your location and the type of audience you want to reach. For instance, .co.uk tells people you are operating from the United Kingdom, and .ca states that you operate from Canada. If this concerns you, you should register in accordance with that. If you prefer to make them feel like an international company that is located in the US select an .com name.

2. Choose a trusted registration service. Unfortunately, many domain registration companies are nothing more than scams. They’re just intermediaries. They ask you to provide them with the domain you’d like to register and they will can register it for more than what you’d have to pay! In the worst scenario you can actually have them create the domain name with their own information, which means it’s extremely difficult for you to use that domain.

Conduct some research on the business before you sign up for your domain with them.

3. Include keyword phrases in the domain’s domain. This can assist search engines rank your site. For instance, if you are selling gourmet treats for dogs online or from your own store, however your company names will be “Laura’s Homemade Snacks,” you could think about two domain names that represent your business name, and the other to be used for keywords. In this case you might select “gourmetdogtreats.com” as your domain name to represent to the search engines and searchers what you are about.

4. Short names are simpler to write correctly. What’s easier to remember and type in: gourmetdogtreats.com, or laurashomemadeandgourmetdogsnacks.com?

5. Beware of trademarks belonging to other businesses. Businesses have been known pursue website owners for trademark and copyright infringements Be very cautious when you attempt to copy your existing company. Be sure to create a domain with a good intention, and consider the potential and connections between you and a different business.

6. Avoid hyphens. Sometimes, you need to use hyphens to make sure that the basic name has been discarded. In this scenario, the better option is to create a an entirely different name. The problem with hyphens lies in that people could end up getting to the wrong page. If you try to register gourmetdogtreats.com but it is already taken, you might choose to register gourmet-dog-treats.com instead. However, you are at risk of someone trying to locate your first address. This could mean you are losing business. Better to try and register a name like homemadedogtreats.com instead.

7. Think about purchasing several extensions so that no other person can steal your success by registering a different name. For example, if you register homemadedogtreats.com, you might also take .net and .org (with the same name), since these are the most popular extensions after .com. That way, no one can register homemadedogtreats.net and try to piggyback of your success.

8. Find companies that provide assistance via phone. If you’re having problems dealing with the domain you registered, you have be able contact the company and speak with someone. If you don’t have a contact number, it could be an indication that you’re not working with a reliable firm.

9. Find certifications (i.e., ICANN). Companies that are reputable will seek accreditations since they know that it enhances their image and helps them be part of an organization that upholds ethical business and conduct. In the absence of accreditation does not mean the company isn’t good however it could indicate that. If the company you’re researching does not hold an accreditation, be sure you verify other factors such as phone support and payment methods, for example.

10. When you have found a company that you like, run the search for it on Google in search of “domain registration.” Does your preferred company appear on the first few results, or only via Adwords? If not it is, they haven’t been in business for a long period of time and could not be reliable. A legitimate business that has a good history will rank in the Google search engine, particularly in the initial few pages. Be wary of registration companies are only found within Adwords.

These 10 tips will aid you when you attempt to get your domain name registered.